These are some candles I made specifically for Imbolc! I enjoy doing this every year in anticipation of February 1st. Each candles was made for a specific purpose that I’ll outline below:

(Using the top photo as reference we start on the left and work our way over. :D)

Red Candle: For courage… It is infused with Yarrow and Thyme (both to attain courage).

Green Candle: For healing. It is infused with rosemary (for healing), mint (for healing), and thyme (for health, healing, sleep and purification).

Yellow candle: For psychic powers… It is infused with thyme and yarrow (both to strengthen psychic powers).

Blue candle: For sleep… It is infused with rose (prophetic dreams), lavender (for sleep, harmony, happiness and peace), rosemary (for sleep), rose oil (for peace), and lavender oil (for sleep).

Purple candle: For sleep as well. It is infused with lavender (for sleep, peace, harmony, and happiness), rosemary (for sleep), thyme (for sleep and psychic powers), rose (for prophetic dreams), rose oil (for peace), and lavender oil (for sleep).

White Candle: For protection. It’s infused with basil, chrysanthemum, and sage (each for protection) and cinnamon oil (for luck).

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